A self-indulgent amount of information about my life

This page is for me.

What I enjoy: 

If you're wondering who I am and what I do, I suppose that truly the best thing for me is to explain the parts of my life that I relish. These are, in no particular order of significance, the pleasurable pieces of my immensely enjoyable existence.

  1. Outdoor Activities: running trails, backpacking, cycle touring, packrafting, day hikes, night hikes, disco rides, yoga, kissing in a heavy summer rain, naked explorations of low-lying shrubbery and large craggy rocks.
  2. Caffeine: coffee, tea, soda, in great excess.
  3. Writing: obviously. My issue at hand, though perhaps it's more an opportunity for well-rounded literary prowess rather than a problem that must be squanched, is that I love it all: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, lyrics, limericks - dirty & otherwise, letters. 
  4. Community: what an amazing experience, finding like-minded, loving individuals who fit into your social sphere. I seek community. This goes out to you, friends, family, and domesticated animals.

The backstory: 

I am from Winston-Salem, NC. I went to school at UNC-Chapel Hill, graduating with degrees in Environmental Sciences & Mathematics in a stained, wrinkled gown. I have no idea what happened to my cap. 

Stumbling out of college and into the mighty expanse of worldly horizon forced upon me an opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery. This 'coming to consciousness' has led to a variety of adventure, some naughtier than others: Backpacking through Southeast Asia, Bike & Build NUS'14 (FLARPTARP!), Keys to Freeze, and now Greater Patagonia have shaped the way I approach my life. I'm fortunate to continue on my path of self-love and acceptance. Life is a beautiful thing, and I choose to explore it with arms wide open. What's up, Creed?

My Affirmations

A rotating set of statements that define my present moment.

  1. I write every day for myself and the joy it brings me.
  2. I continue to create environmentally conscious endurance adventures.
  3. I love openly, compassionately, and fully.
  4. I maintain a strong connection with my family, regardless of where we are in this world.
  5. I seek out a community of positive people who add their stories to mine. 
  6. I work to pursue my goals of publication and exploration.
  7. I release all fear. I am on the path that is perfect for me, long hair and mustache included.
  8. I accept the abundant love of the Universe.

My Sweet Tunage

Books of 2016-17

These are the books of the past year that I'd recommend to anyone. Especially if you're into fantasy adventure.

Go Explore. And stay in touch!